Why I am backing Makinde to return as governor ―​​ Olugbon –

Olugbon Oba Francis Alao of Orile-Igbon, Surulere Local Government Area, Oyo state, backed Governor Seyi Makinde’s re-election bid, saying the governor has performed well during his term in office.

Oba Alao announced this in a live radio interview on the Fresh FM political circuit, reiterating his call for a transfer of presidential power from the North to the South in 2023.

Makind also displayed good character, a sign of good leadership, the traditional ruler said.

The traditional ruler said he neither voted nor supported Makind in the 2019 election, but said the governor called upon him to work with the government to move the country forward after taking office.

“I will continue to support the Seyi Makinde government. Leadership is about character and principle. I never voted for Makinde in 2019, but because he is the general leader of the country, he welcomes us and says, ‘Kabiyas, come on , let’s run this government together. Governance is about coming up with ideas together.

“In the Oriire, Surulere and Ogo Oluwa LGAs we voted for the APC in 2019 and we did everything we could for the party. I went around telling people to support the APC.

“But I can tell you that in 2023, I will be voting for Makind for the gubernatorial election because he has shown good leadership and character during his tenure. His administration has lived up to expectations.

“Other governor candidates from other parties are my subjects. Bayo Adelabu is my brother. I love, I love Teslim Folarin, he is also my brother. But Makinde will enjoy my support and my subjects in 2023 support.

“But in the presidential election, we’re going to vote for the Southern candidate because I’m a champion of fairness and justice and equality,” he said.

The royal father said there was no reason for another Fulani to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari after power would reside in the north for eight years.

LSO read from nigerian tribune

2023: Why I Support Makinde’s Return as Governor – Olugbon

2023: Why I Support Makinde’s Return as Governor – Olugbon

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