No One Was Injured In Columbia Place Mall Shooting Incident, ‘Scene Is Secured’ At Columbia Mall!

Welcome back everyone There was a very horrific incident recently at the Columbia Place mall where several shots were fired, now the police claim no one was injured and they have set the parameters to start an investigation, luckily no one was killed in the instance. Media reporters rushed to the scene immediately, which started breaking news, which helped to find some evidence, but everything was unclear and there was no video at the scene.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

'Security on site' at Columbia Mall

No one injured in Columbia Square mall shooting

Only the map was visible in the news reports, and no major incidents occurred. The County Sheriff’s Department is looking into this and they are doing everything possible to keep the community away from the affected area this is top notch with thousands of people in attendance this is a major shortcoming in law enforcement and the security agencies have to be blamed for being a given Given the conservation contract, it happened around it on a Saturday night that many residents felt uncomfortable.

‘Security on site’ at Columbia Mall

Happened after that. No arrests or arrests have been made since the news began to circulate, although we are still communicating with the fire so that something important happens. In the US recently, safety has been really lost in many cases and that’s why we lost a lot of people, something happened recently at a school where two girls were fighting and no one was stopping them, not even the cafeteria staff.

Columbia Square Mall is now safe after shooting

We’ll be back with more updates, so stay tuned to our site. Moore is centrally located and was established in 1977 to open 7 days a week and later added many floors to the building to be able to take up more shops and could be in a higher class debate which really benefited the nearby shop owners . It’s a very popular weekend getaway and many families have a great time here.

It generates millions of dollars in revenue and has done many capital investments in 2014 which really helped it to have over 6000 parking spaces and moonbeam capital investment is the owner of this mall and it has more than 100 operating stores And service. It’s the flagship model before the A, but it’s still a big deal in modern times, and you can enjoy it. The first refurbishment and maintenance work was completed in 2002 when a hot food court was added which is still attractive today.

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