Victoria’s outdoor art gallery celebrates young people and their passion

Artist Eliska Liska brings warm and furry elements to a Victorian streetside gallery.

“Creating in a public space where art speaks to the wider public and influences the visual aspects of the city has always been the most appealing art form to me,” she said.

The “Feeling Fuzzy Inside” exhibit is on display in Commercial Lane on the west wall of the Youth Empowerment Association building on the 500 block of Yates Street.

Liska was selected through a jury call of artists with a vision to recognize young people and their passions that can move mountains.

Her work depicts four elements—music, thought and text, movement and art—with each panel connected by neutral-colored backgrounds, linear figurative paintings, and bursts of color.

“Each panel showcases different activities that can completely consume us and help us understand who we are and where we stand, as well as simply make us feel good,” Liska said.

Originally from what is now the Czech Republic, Eliska spent five years touring Europe and Mexico, leaving a series of murals behind her.

She works in many different mediums including painting, pottery, print, drawing, digital illustration, felt and mural. She received her master’s degree in Contemporary Art and New Media from the University of Ostrava in 2008 and lives in Victoria. She runs Full Sink Pottery, which produces unique and whimsical hand-painted pottery products, and works as an art designer and teacher at the McTavish School of Art.

“Eliska’s art is a joyous meditation on what brings joy to the young people of our community,” said Nichola Reddington, senior cultural planner for the City of Victoria.

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