Weapons charges laid against two London men

A pair of men from London have been charged with a long list of charges following a weapons investigation in the city’s southeast.

Police were called to the South Adelaide Street and Osgoode Drive area at about 10.20pm on Saturday after a local tow truck driver was shot dead by two men on a rival company’s tow truck .

Officials said the driver was being followed by a truck from a rival company as he was heading south on Adelaide’s South Street, approaching Osgood Avenue.

Once the driver passed Osgood Avenue, a passenger in the rival truck fired six rounds at the man with a pistol.

Five bullets hit the man’s tailgate and one bullet went through his rear windshield, police said.

The suspect trailer then fled the area and was last seen heading south on Dearness Drive. A description of the suspect trailer was obtained along with evidence that guns were fired in the area.

With the assistance of Halton Regional Police, officers tracked the suspect tow truck into Oakville, Ontario and arrested two suspects.

Both men, aged 25 and 21, were charged with possession of a motor vehicle with a firearm, reckless shooting with intent to injure and knowingly possessing a restricted or prohibited firearm without a license.

The 25-year-old was also charged with violating probation and two counts of possessing a firearm or ammunition in breach of a restraining order. The 21-year-old was also charged with failing to comply with a release order and failing to stop for police.

No injuries were reported.

The pair are scheduled to appear in London on Sunday on the charges.

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