When To Watch PMGC League Group Red Day 4? Teams, Schedule, Day 3 Summary & More!

Welcome back everyone, we’re here again to bring some updates on the highly discussed PMGC league, it’s day 4, and we’ll provide a summary of day 3, what’s really going on, and where you can watch this Player unknown Battleground mobile global tournament. Indonesia has completely dominated the game and we are discussing event 13a, how the group red match will end and who will advance to the finals on 6th January 2020.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

When to watch PMGC League Group Red Day 4?

When to watch PMGC League Team Red Day 4?

and Influence Chemin currently top the list with 235 points, and they have 113 kills. Day 4 will be the last 6 matches of the group to decide who will return to their country with a total price tag of $460,000 per group. Only the top four teams will be selected and the rest will be eliminated. Matches will be played around 4:00 pm according to Indian Standard Time and will finish at 9:00 sharp, with the first match taking place at Erangel.

PMGC League Group Red Day 4 Teams

The second race will be held at Miramar. The third game will be held in sanhok. Then the map will repeat, all of them need to be mastered, if you want to win the championship, Brazil team is currently ranked first, second place is Thailand team, third place Chinese team has a total of 181 points battle is first place and second place In between, the second place is only two points away.

PMGC League Group Red Sun 4 Schedule

It’s a tight game for everyone, the home team can only have chicken dinner, if the second team plays harder, then they will definitely reach the first place, they will be able to grab Kyle’s phone and save it, which will Yes it’s the last day and it’s good to see who will go to the knockout stages, the top two teams are very close as they struggled due to a draw.

You can catch up with the competition on the official YouTube platform, there is no other official platform other than you can watch the competition live. On Stake, it’s all about pride. It’s the most unique and highly rated drawing competition of all and The future of esports is a game that is far ahead, with many followers every year, the growth of this field is huge, and of course the popularity will increase.

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