Explosion In Istanbul Turkey Video, Six Dead & Dozens Wounded In Blast, Suspect In Custody!

Good afternoon everyone, a very terrible event happened in Istanbul, the video titled İSTİKLAL CADDESİ’NDE BÜYÜK PATLAMA got millions of hits. There are very few articles in English on the subject, and you have to translate Turkish news sources to know what’s going on, it’s unclear. But the people in the video are chaos, like a bomb, many people were injured in the ambulance, and a large number of bodies were found from the street.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Turkey blast kills six, injures dozens

Video of explosion in Istanbul, Turkey

People had to turn off their cameras to reduce the graphic violence they were recording. It was a sunny day for tourists and the local public in the Turkish capital, and suddenly it turned into chaos when some loud noises were heard, many were injured and official statistics were still unavailable. Turkey has gone through a lot of hardships and citizens want to leave the country for economic and financial reasons.

Turkey blast kills six, wounds dozens

And they may be terrorizing their neighbors for an hour, a huge increase in numbers compared to the previous year. About 5 to 10 ambulances are coming and people are running to save their lives. We hope that all is clear, that the international media will cover the news story and reveal the truth, that the suspects behind this bombing will be apprehended and that justice will be served.

Istanbul bombing suspect in custody

Our deepest condolences to the friends and family who lost a precious part of their lives. It’s a very confusing situation, no one has been able to comment on exactly what happened, and most of the story is available on Central News Agency. About 31 people were injured, and the governor of Istanbul announced that the bomb attack had injured 50 people, and that no terrorist group was responsible for the attack.

Police have yet to make any arrests or start an investigation, but they will look for possible evidence and obtain intelligence. The situation is very serious. We’ll be back with some more informative updates, then read on for the article on our site. Civilians don’t feel safe anymore in the country, that’s why they want to leave it and do business in another country because the standard of living in other country is better compared to their own country.

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