Federal government formally bans top echelons of Iranian regime from entering Canada

The federal government has formally barred senior figures of the Iranian regime from entering Canada, now under a new, rarely used name that allows border agents to deny foreigners entry into the country.

Federal Cabinet ministers confirmed in a virtual press conference on Monday that the measures promised through the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act more than a month ago are now in effect.

It also allows Canadian authorities to investigate any Iranian officials already in Canada, ministers confirmed.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his intention to take the measure on Oct. 7, providing $76 million in funding to better enforce economic sanctions imposed on Iran amid a crackdown on human rights protesters.

Protests in the country began nearly two months ago following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody. She was arrested by the Morality Police for allegedly wearing the wrong hijab.

Public Safety Marco Mendicino said Monday’s move was “an important step in holding the Iranian regime accountable for its abuses of power.”

“This means that the top echelons of the Iranian regime, the policy makers, the power brokers, the followers, the most responsible, will be permanently barred from entering Canada,” he said.

“This means that masterminds of oppression, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, will never set foot in Canada again.”

Mendicino said he was working to ensure that Canada Border Services Agency officials received advice on how to implement the designation as soon as possible so that within hours, and of course by Tuesday, thousands of Iranian officials at the top of the regime would be considered if They will not be entertained trying to enter Canada.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said the government’s previous figure of 10,000 affected Iranian officials may have been an underestimate.

“The inadmissibility will be tied to a person’s role in the regime, whether it is a head of state, a member of the cabinet, a member of the judiciary, a senior public official, an ambassador or other senior officials, will be barred from entering,” he said.

“If the number is over 10,000, so be it.”

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