Health Canada addresses children’s medication shortage

Help is addressing the Canada-wide shortage of acetaminophen products for children.

Health Canada reported Monday that it has secured a supply of cold medicine for children from abroad to sell at pharmacies and other retailers. The health agency had earlier announced increased supplies of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for hospitals.

“Every proposal received from a company to import a foreign-authorized product is carefully reviewed by Health Canada to confirm that the product is manufactured to the same high-quality standards that Canadians expect,” a Health Canada release said. wrote in the manuscript, adding that the products were found to be effective and safe.

Retailers could soon see increased availability of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Dosage instructions and ingredients will be displayed in English and French.

The drug was imported due to shortages that left store shelves empty and an increase in respiratory illnesses that sent people to hospital. Parents have been scrambling to find medication, with some traveling to the United States to find it.

“We continue to work closely with manufacturers and distributors of infant and children’s acetaminophen and ibuprofen products, provinces and territories, children’s hospitals, the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Food, Health and Consumer Products Association of Canada to promote information – to share manufacturing and distribution supply chains, and to identify and implement additional measures to alleviate this shortage,” Health Canada’s statement read.

The health agency reminds parents that if they cannot find the medication, they should consult their healthcare provider about an appropriate alternative.

Parents also should not give adult medicines to children 12 years and younger without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

For complete information on ongoing drug shortages, visit Official website of Health Canada.

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