OPP Chatham detachment weekly report

Several people will have to face charges after being arrested by provincial police on the Chatham-Kent Highway.

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on November 7, an OPP officer from Chatham Unit stopped an eastbound vehicle on Highway 401 in Chatham-Kent.

According to police, the driver was alleged to have exceeded the speed limit by 77 kilometers.

As a result, the 22-year-old Chatham driver was charged with stunt driving.

Earlier in the day, at approximately 1:30 p.m., provincial police stopped a vehicle on the 401 westbound lane on suspicion of speeding for 64 kilometers.

The driver, a 26-year-old man from Belle River, was charged with stunt driving.

Elsewhere, a 61-year-old driver faces a long list of charges after he was pulled over on Highway 40 in Chatham-Kent on November 8.

According to the OPP, an officer stopped the car after allegedly travelling at 113km/h in an 80km/h zone.

The Wallaceburg man was charged with suspended driving, driving without a license, speeding, failing to surrender an insurance card and failing to surrender a permit as a result of the traffic stop.

On November 12, just after 9 a.m., an OPP officer stopped a vehicle in the eastbound lane of Highway 401 that was allegedly traveling at 157 km/h in a 100 km/h zone.

As a result, the 22-year-old Windsor driver was charged with stunt driving.

Additionally, on November 12, OPP stopped a vehicle traveling southbound on Communication Road in Chatham-Kent after officers observed it making a turn in the road.

The 35-year-old Chatham driver was charged with driving a vehicle without a license, driving a vehicle without insurance and using an unauthorized driver’s license

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