Swim lesson registration gets easier with Saanich Recreation

This fall, Saanich Recreation’s swim lessons are getting a new look – great news for swimmers and parents!

when saanich’s 2023 Winter/Spring Event Guide Released next week, it will introduce some new changes to the swim lesson program and how you sign up.

Beginning Wednesday, November 23rd, you can browse all classes at saanich.ca/recreation, from registered group fitness and swimming classes to arts and culture classes, spring break camps and more. In preparation for registration, parents can add the course of their choice to a “Wish List” in the online system.

First-time registrations—all but swimming—will begin on December 7, online and in person at the Saanich Recreation Center from 6am.

New for this year is a second registration date for swimming lessons and all aquatics, a week later on December 14 at 6am

Jennifer Jakobsen, manager of Saanich Commonwealth Place, explained that the change will help ease the rush many families feel when trying to enroll in all programs at once on enrollment day.

“The water sports program is one of our most popular and always fills up quickly. Meanwhile, families may need to register for other essential programs like Pro-D day camps or spring break camps. Having two registration dates will reduce registrations day pressure,” Jennifer said.

While registration for swimming lessons will open on December 14, people can add them to their “Wish List” ahead of time so they can get their favorite lessons ready.

The second change—splitting winter/spring courses into two semesters—will make it easier for parents to enroll in the appropriate next-level classes. Previously, families had to register for both winter and spring to get a spot.

Right now you can only register for Term 1 swimming lessons (January to March) on 14th December.Term 2 (April to June) will open on February 22nd, registration is scheduled for March 8th at 6am

Please note that Aquafit classes and Advanced Aquatics programs – including the Junior Lifeguard Club, Bronze Star, Medal and Cross, Swim Instructor and Lifeguard Programs – will be open for registration on December 14th throughout the winter/spring sessions.

New Program, Same Great Swim Instruction

Concurrent with the new aquatics registration is a new swimming lesson plan. Jennifer noted that while some classes and names have changed, swimmers will enjoy the same special instruction.

As the Red Cross no longer offers a swim lesson program, Saanich recreational swimming lessons will now be based on the Life Saving Society’s Swim for Life program.

Most other local municipalities will also use this comprehensive national program that focuses on developing basic swimming strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities.

Advantages include longer duration lessons early in the lesson progression, the ability to offer larger class sizes for more usable space, and a smoother transition from swim lessons to advanced watersports.

Prior to enrolling in Winter/Spring 2023 classes, parents should review the level transition chart and swim class descriptions in the activity guide to determine which level their swimmer should enroll in the new program.

Those who have had any advanced aquatic training are already familiar with lifesaving associations, and hope the continuity will lead to more interest in these fields, Jennifer said.

“We want to see more young people working towards completing swimming lessons and going on to advanced aquatics. The Lifetime Swimming program provides a good foundation to become lifeguards or swim instructors.”

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