United Airlines Passenger Assaulting Flight Attendant Video Went Viral On Social Media!

We know we are late to share this news. Recently, a video has circulated online showing the rude behavior of a flight attendant. Ever since people watched the video, they’ve wondered what happened to the flight attendant, and what exactly happened, leading to three people being taken to hospital. The video, posted online early Monday morning, showed the man’s rude behavior. A United Airlines flight attendant was reportedly taken to a hospital in Chicago after an accident during a flight on Sunday, November 13, 2022.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

United Airlines passenger assaults flight attendant in video

United Airlines passenger assaults flight attendant in video

The incident came after a commuter on the plane became enraged after claiming they were shouldering children who needed to vomit, reports said. The fights started with verbal altercations and later turned into physical violence. The passenger had physical contact with a flight attendant and the entire incident was captured on video. In this case, it became clear that many passengers started misbehaving during the flight and became violent when the crew intervened or stopped them. Something similar happened in this instance, where a flight attendant asked the passenger not to yell, and both were later involved in a physical altercation.

What happened to the United Airlines stewardess?

According to the crew on the flight, the incident happened before the plane landed. The flight attendant asked the passengers to sit down as usual, but one passenger refused to listen after repeatedly telling him to sit down. During the altercation, the passenger shoved the flight attendant, who was injured as soon as the plane landed and was rushed to a Chicago hospital. Along with the alleged passenger and her child, they were taken to hospital for observation.

United Airlines flight attendant taken to hospital

As usual, the fight was filmed by some onlookers and posted online. The video is now causing a lot of buzz and confusion on social media. However, the situation in the video is not so clear, but the faces of the woman and her child are clearly visible. United Airlines Flight 476 was the flight involved in the accident. The flight was scheduled to fly from San Francisco to Chicago, but an accident occurred before landing. As soon as the plane reached its destination, the flight attendant was taken to the hospital.

The altercation started when a woman started yelling while holding the baby. In the video, the flight attendant can clearly be seen and heard asking passengers to sit down during the landing. It’s unclear how many injuries she sustained or what her current state of health is.

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