Why Did Cristiano Ronaldo Slam Erik Ten Hag In An Interview? Full Controversy Explained!

The legendary athlete Cristiano Ronaldo recently gave a somewhat controversial interview in which he clarified certain things about the team and the internal situation of Manchester United. The statements were highly praised on Twitter and spread across the internet. As a result, many people came out to support the star. In this interview, many revelations were made around the game and teammates. Let’s look at this in more detail and see what actually happened and what was revealed.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo slam Eric ten Hag in interview?

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo slam Eric ten Hag in interview?

Sporting legend and widely-supported icon, Cristiano Ronaldo took a breather during an interview. The interview, which ran for 90 minutes with Ronaldo, aired on Wednesday, Talk Tv premiered on their channel. The show continued at 8pm that night, and some things were revealed. Cristiano has revealed he is regularly betrayed and disrespected by his team-mates and the Manchester manager. It was tweeted on a massive scale and caused massive havoc online. As the player himself said, it was shown on national television, with many tweeting their support.

What happened to Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that current Manchester United manager Eric Ten often disrespected him, adding that he also felt betrayed by the management. Piers Morgan’s uncensored 90 Minutes interview with Ronaldo also revealed how he felt betrayed. Cristiano added that the manager and teammates didn’t want him either. While Ronaldo didn’t reveal which players didn’t want him in the squad, he did reveal that this year and last year there were also people in his place who didn’t want him.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial interview explained

Ronaldo also revealed that he was often disrespected by Eric. To this, he added and went on to say that he has no respect for manager Eric because he does not respect him. Ronaldo added that as long as the manager doesn’t have to respect him and show some respect, he will not respect the manager, which is what he said directly. Ronaldo added that he would never respect the manager. Ronaldo also added that England legend Wayne Rooney does not want to keep him in his current position. Ronaldo went on to say that Wayne often shows off because of his low level, but Ronaldo is in his place.

Ronaldo added that just because Wayne finished his career and he was still there, Wayne dismissed Ronaldo’s behavior and also criticized him, bald. It was also heartbreaking for many on the internet, and there are thousands of supporters of the player online. Ronaldo is also a member of the Premier League this season. He played about 10 games this season, fouled 7 times, shot 6 times, scored 1 goal this season, and also received a yellow card. In this season, the number is 2. Ronaldo was the goalscorer last season and will be the same this coming season.

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