Why Was Paige Theriault Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

Good afternoon everyone, there was a very horrific incident in a bar brawl in Canada recently in which a man identified as Hodan Hashi was brutally stabbed and murdered by Paige Theriault. There is now a lot of credible information confirming her eventual arrest, which is huge news for all those online who are putting pressure on the authorities. The whole incident took place at a nightclub in Saskatoon. She was previously released at a bail hearing on November 9. She is 22 years old.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Reasons for Paige Theriault's arrest

Reasons for Paige Theriault’s arrest

And charged with manslaughter, a 23-year-old victim died on November 5. The 30-second video, which was also uploaded online, was full of violent images, and prosecutors and defense attorneys submitted an account center for her release, depositing $5,000. The difference lawyer spoke out against the media and said you can’t judge a person and draw conclusions before you know anything, but that’s an irony and it’s clearly seen in the video.

Why was Page Theriault arrested?

She’s the stuff of a brutal murder victim. The motive behind the murder is still unknown, but it’s likely that ola started the investigation and gathered some potential evidence for the argument, later when the town manslaughter and the police made the right decision. It was second degree murder and police are very confident in their investigation. There have been many search murders and disappearances in Canada, and she graduated from Robert High School in 2021.

Paige Theriault: All allegations and allegations

She tried to get a job at polytechnic but she couldn’t realize her dream. She has eight siblings, and according to her close friends, she is really a loving young girl, she really never decides what happens to her, she is always a good person. This could happen due to racial conflict because the killer is all white and the victim is Asian, we have seen many cases in North America where the local citizens are very suspicious and carrying out an outsider’s agenda.

But they do not know that outsiders await their country in the fields of information technology and economics. She keeps threatening higher and forensic examination also confirms she was stabbed with a lot of sympathy for victims on social media sites we don’t have much information about the killer, based on the pictures she looks like a very innocent lady she looks Very civilized, but everyone has a monster that will come out if forced. We’ll be back with more information, then read on for the article on our online news portal.

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