Arrest made in connection with mountain rescue in Kamloops

~ Kamloops this week

A man is being investigated by police after he was confronted by searchers trying to rescue an injured paraglider on the summit of Mount Paul on Sunday night (November 13).

According to Kamloops RCMP, a 35-year-old man was arrested at the base of the mountain for allegedly interfering with Kamloops Search and Rescue (KSAR) by trekking to the summit of Mount Paul and taking bellicose actions by rescuers.

Staff Sergeant Janelle Shoilet told KTW that the man hiked down the mountain after abusing rescuers and was arrested there. She said the man claimed he was helping KSAR.

Alan Hobler, manager of the Kamloops Search and Rescue Team, told KTW that some civilians showed up on the hill and wanted to help but were told to leave.

The man has been acquitted pending further investigation, Shoilet said.

Searchers faced a daunting task as they attempted to rescue a man in his 20s who crashed on Mount Paul at around 4pm and became trapped under a 20-metre cliff.

Local conditions, including the potential for rockfall, made it too dangerous for KSAR to use a rope rescue team to lift the man, so a call was made to Comox, a Canadian Forces base on Vancouver Island, to dispatch a crew on a Cormorant helicopter.

The paraglider was airlifted via Cormorant at around 1am with possible back or spine fractures and hypothermia. The helicopter pilot eventually made five rescue lifts that night, pulling the injured man, along with the responding KSAR members and helicopter crew, out of the hill.

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Kamloops RCMP Search and Rescue

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