Baby on Board: Coast Guard helps with delivery while at sea near Prince Rupert

The baby delivery could be added to the list of services the Canadian Coast Guard helps after the Florencia Bay search and rescue crew assisted in the birth of a baby girl at sea off Prince Rupert.

The group said earlier that the Canadian Coast Guard responds to calls for help 365 days a year.

“On average, the Canadian Coast Guard coordinates 19 search and rescue incidents per day, responds to 13 search and rescue incidents, assists 43 people and saves 13 lives.”

Family of baby Willow Sankey-Clifton, now eight weeks old, with north view At the Nov. 9 inauguration of the new Coast Guard search and rescue vessel USS McIntyre Bay.

Willow’s father, Justus Sankey, was full of praise for the first responders who got his family over the waves from the Lax Kw’alaams to the hospital.

“They were great. They pushed us up a steep 200+ foot slope at low tide [Alice] and baby. They got us across the water safely. They are great. “

On the night of August 27, a Coast Guard crew consisting of Joey Banys, Brehnen Rowell, Christie Corbett and Captain Jeff McDonald transported BC Emergency Medical Services personnel to Tuck Inlet to make an emergency call.

A baby girl was rushed into the world after paramedics were called to Lax Kw’alaams to help expectant mother Alice Clifton’s contractions started rapidly and unexpectedly.

The day before, Aug. 26, Clifton had just completed her last shift at a fish farm in a remote community to begin her maternity leave. She is looking forward to spending time downtown and preparing for the fun she is looking forward to.

When the adventure begins, she has put her two young children to bed and is ready for a restful night.

“I started contractions … and they got worse. I went to the clinic and they got stronger,” Clifton said.

“We were waiting to see if they would send me on a lifeboat. But that wasn’t available. So they sent Florence Bay.”

She said it appeared to be hours before the rescue boat arrived, and when it arrived they were all ready to wait on the dock.

“I walked up to the boat and when I felt like I needed a push, we were there for about 15-20 minutes.”

Rescue Specialist Christie Corbett assisted with the special transport under the lights of the city of Prince Rupert. CCG members assist BC Emergency Health workers in lifting mother and baby from the dock to land.

“It was pretty intense,” Clifton said. “There wasn’t any pain…it was a pretty insane torture. It was out of this world.”

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