DocuPet provides Minto with dog licensing and identification programs

The Town of Minto hopes to encourage more residents to license their dogs after its partnership with DocuPet.

DocuPet combines licensed and free HomeSafe 24/7 lost pet services

The town launched the service, which also offers residents a pet identification and uniform program. Currently, many local pet owners do not have a mandatory dog ​​license.

People can choose or design their own DocuPet labels, which include free lost pet services and double as official licenses. Each person is given a unique code that links to the pet’s secure online profile, making it easy for anyone who finds a lost dog to report it.

Pet owners can also create a pet loss report as soon as they realize their pet is missing. In addition, DocuPet has dedicated dispatchers available 24 hours a day to reunite lost pets with their families.

“We are delighted to be partnering with DocuPet as their online licensing solution is extremely valuable to pet owners and a necessity for animal safety and within the community,” said District Law Enforcement Officer Cam Forbes. “This pet licensing partnership will help reduce the number of animals in our care and open up space and important resources for pets who really need our help. Additionally, we are excited that residents can take advantage of this program to help protect their pets and All pets in the community.”

“We are extremely proud to be working with the Town of Minto to launch this effective program to increase pet identification and reunification services for all residents,” said DocuPet CEO Grant Goodwin. For example, pets wearing DocuPet tags spend little time at the shelter, and for those who do need support and care, the license fee helps keep the shelter going. We thank the Town of Minto for joining us as an influencer in the solution a part of.”

Pet owners can learn more and register online at Permission may also be obtained by mail, phone or in person.

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