Explore new cultures during International Education Month

New international students visit the Missouri State University campus.

This semester, MSU enrolled more than 1,800 international students, 1,001 of whom are enrolled at the Springfield campus. To recognize the diversity these students bring to campus and to build inclusion, Missouri observes International Education Month each November.

“International students bring a lot to the Springfield community,” says Samantha FrankeMarketing and Communications Coordinator international project in Missouri. “WWe will be celebrating different events, banquets and festivals in November.

“And then we’ll also have different events specifically for international students that might help them prepare for a career or help them understand how to use Missouri State resources. Now is the time when we really focus on international students and their needs. And then what they bring to the Springfield community.”

Learn about the economic impact of international students on Southwest Missouri.

Learn about the economic impact of international students in Missouri.

Find out about the national economic value of international students in 2020-21.

become international friends

To give international students another opportunity to get out on campus and engage with the local community, there is international friend program. Although it’s been around for years, there was a lot of outcry about the program in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had hundreds of people emailing and calling asking ‘how can I support students?’ tIt was really lovely to see the hat when everything was so tough,” Franca said.

Now that events can be held in person again, the International Friends Program is pursuing additional opportunities for students in the community.

“Obviously, there is a cultural exchange between the local families and the students, but the students get involved in the community as family,” she said.

They are currently looking for family and personal involvement.

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