Halifax donair fairs poorly in Canadian sandwich top 10

Fans of the Halifax donair will be disappointed by the recent ratings of Canada’s 10 favorite sandwiches.

The iconic East Coast cuisine was rated the best by just 2% of respondents, placing it eighth on the overall list.

In terms of Canadians and their sandwich rolls, chicken tops the polls. It tops the list with 26 percent, according to data collected from August 11 to 18 by YouGov, an international online research data and analytics technology group. A total of 2,002 adults responded to the online survey.

Grilled cheese came in second with 20%.

A spokesperson for Chefs Plate, a Canadian recipe box subscription service, said ease of preparation was the reason for the top two. “It’s fun to see Canadians choose simple, popular options for their sandwiches, like chicken and cheese. These versatile ingredients are often loved by all ages and are great family-friendly options.”

Classic Montreal smoked meat came in third at 17 percent.

Lobster rolls were fourth at 10 percent, smoked salmon fifth at 8 percent, beef bologna and pea flour or bacon tied for sixth at 3 percent each.

A handful of other Canadians were at the bottom.

The Kubie Burger got only 1 percent of responses, finishing ninth, and no one asked for the Wilensky special at all. Originating in Alberta, Kubie consists of Ukrainian garlic sausage pressed and placed in bread or rolls. Named after the Montreal cigar shop and barber shop that opened in 1932, Wilensky is a round kosher flatbread pressed on the grill, cut in half, coated with mustard and filled with beef salami and bologna.

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