Pacific FC off-season: player and salary changes for next season

Pacific Football Club has had a busy start to the offseason, coming and going, with player salaries rising across the league.

on the field

Retiring club captain Jamal Dixon is moving from his position on the pitch to the club’s front office, taking on the role of football and player development manager. The job will include supporting the first team, as well as developing local youth players through the Vancouver Island Wave program – where Dixon has previously coached.

“I could have considered continuing, but I think if I left the game, I would be able to give a lot more. I would be able to help players who come to the club, new players, I can help explain what the culture is, doing all the little things that create a better Good environment and then the standard will go up. That’s what I want. I want Pacific to keep winning championships.”

The team announced that they will be re-signing three important players for the upcoming season. Home crowd favorite Josh Hurd, half of “The Flying Dutchman” Genero Daniels and relative new boy Cedric Toussaint will all play again next season at Starlight Stadium.

Going in the opposite direction, defenders Jordan Haynes and Nathan Mavila are all set to leave the club, along with midfielders Matteo Polisi, Umaro Balde and Luka Ricci.

Another player who may be out is diminutive talisman Marco Bustos, who is training with MLS side Toronto FC. The playmaker, who previously played for the Vancouver Whitecaps, practiced with the team for four sessions as an “opportunity to get to know each other better,” according to CPL. Bustos was not available for an interview.


The Canadian Premier League raised the minimum wage for players and the team’s total salary cap.

The minimum salary for players in the 2023 season will increase by 36% to $30,000, the total salary cap will increase by $175,000, and the maximum payout will reach $1.125 million. The minimum payout was also raised to $750,000, a 15 percent increase over 2022. Some of that money could be recouped through a league-wide incentive program to sign under-21 players, of which only 50 percent of players’ salaries count toward the salary cap, up to $100,000 in relief.

“We absolutely support raising the salary cap. It’s another sign that this league is solid and stable, that it’s here to stay, and that it’s starting to deliver on its promises. Last season, we had a player that could be sold to another league … We are unabashedly a development league and a development club – we see it as part of the reason we exist, which is to develop players and then release them into the world. So the new salary framework will allow us to Do it,” Pacific FC managing director Paul Byrne said.

While wage costs will rise, the club have announced they will not increase season ticket prices for 2023.

Beirne added that he hopes to maintain a large and loyal following of supporters who bought tickets from the start, but said there is plenty of room for expansion.

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