PODCAST: Real Time Reno: Deficiency Walkthrough

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Whether it’s construction, renovation or design, success is in the details.

Join Measure Twice, Cut Once host Jennifer-Lee as she catches up with the Burdens for their final walkthrough with Triple Dot Design’s Cara and Level One Construction’s Alex.

“We walked through with Alex and put together a list of all the things we noticed together, but then Level One gave us a great suggestion to stay here for a week , living our normal lives and documenting the things that come up in our day – today’s lives that need to be addressed. Little things that you might not necessarily notice when you walk by with builders. Justin Burden, Housing host.

“Having a master list by industry, with builders and homeowners on the same page, is the key to completing a defect drill in two weeks, not four or five months.” Alex Dumitru, Tier 1 Construction.

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