Tuesdy night TNT double header: Grizz-Pellies and Nets-Kings –

Your Philadelphia 76ers They bought themselves a few days of much-needed vacation after Joel Embiid dropped 101 points on two consecutive nights. The Sixers return on Friday when they host Giannis and the Bucks for the second time this year, hoping for a cold one for revenge.

But for those NBA fans who can’t get enough, we have a star-studded double-header on TNT.

Grizzlies-Pelicans (NO -4, money line -170)

Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Memphis vs. washington wizards When Ja Morant was sidelined with ankle soreness. The superstar missed one game, but he was back in prime time tonight. Jaren Jackson Jr. is actually listed as the person in question. We don’t know if JJJ will make his season debut after recovering from foot surgery, but if he does, it will be a huge emotional boost for the South Bears.

Late first-round pick Desmond Bane was out due to a sore toe.

On the other hand, we’ve locked and loaded Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum, though Zion Williamson sounds like an unlikely fit:

McCollum has recently been in a depression. He has made just three shots in three of his past four games.

If the game is a close one — and we think it’s a close one — then Ja, despite his return from ankle soreness, will likely be rewarded. The Pelicans have done an average job of controlling opposing point guards, but this is basically a 23-year-old MVP candidate. This is a daunting task.

In a single game, let’s start with Morant Over 28.5 (-110). We don’t have the full list of available players yet, I think because we’re not sure if Zion is a good fit at this point. But I’m watching McCollum’s slump come to an end. We may also have to wait a few hours for it to be plugged in. But how long can you keep CJ calm?

Ja earned an average of 8.8 cents in November.If our thesis is that he’s healthy and will have to play in an interesting, close game, then we can put him aside 8.5 dimes (+125) Also there. With 3.5 points scored, we have the Grizzlies locked up in this game, with their supernova taking the lead off Murray State.

Here, our $5 paid us $17.25 while Morant dropped 29 and 9 points in a very close game, or a win we never broke a sweat. But as the game gets closer, I’ll be back to check Pellie’s player odds.

net king (King – 2, Money Line – 125)

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Next came the controversial Nets.The Nets are getting off the throttle in the low post lakers. And the Kings are on fire, beating the Cavaliers, Lakers and Warriors in their past three games. Who is Sacktown? !

I can’t say I have a good feeling about this team, but I tend to stick with the hotter teams. The Nets defense isn’t terrible these days. Kyrie Irving (out) clearly has “work to do” as he creates another ridiculous way to miss crucial ball games. So I’m looking for De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis to fit Jacque Vaughn’s team.

Ben Simmons played again with knee soreness. Figuring out which Nets will play and what they’ll look like is anyone’s guess these days.

Nick Claxton didn’t give it his all. So it’s basically a Kevin Durant show. This should also work in the king’s favor, since they can focus on trapping him, and forcing others to hurt them. D-Fox is playing some of the best ball of his career, and there isn’t a single guy on the Nets roster who can stick with him these days.

Let’s plug in a single player parlay.Give me that expensive Kings Money line (-135), fox pointing 24.5 points (-165), and Sabonis points Over 17.5 (-135). A five-dollar bet would pay us $18.25, and if we were really feeling ourselves, we’d pick Sabonis more than 11.5 plates, This gets us a +450 payout. Now our five dollars pay us $27.50. If you’re completely nuts, add Kevin Durant over 28.5 points and you’re now +750 for the entire game. It may be chalky, but we only play against bookmakers on these SGPs. Even if the Kings sell out to stop KD, he could still sneeze to 30 with so little help.

The theme here is simple: the stars come out and shine. So hopefully they’ll get us paid in the process. We don’t expect anyone to touch Joel Embiid’s 59 points. As far as we’re concerned, the brightest star can enjoy some video games on his couch.

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