Who Is Lavluneee Video Went Viral On Reddit & Twitter, Lavlune’s Allegations About Hasan Explained!

There is a huge controversy between a streamer and an influencer/host when one streamer accuses the other of having an intimate relationship with a minor. The case we are talking about here is an anchor named Hasan Ab and another anchor named Lavlunee who is also an influencer.Earlier in the stream, Lavlunee added Abu to her stream, follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Lavluneee Video Virus

Lavluneee Video Virus

She, who is also the host, had an overly physical relationship with a minor. This sparked various rumors on the Internet, as well as various groups and people breaking up with the two. Let’s understand what actually happened and also understand the allegations. Lavlunee accused another streamer, Hasan Abi, of having a physical relationship with one of her friends during her stream.

While the lav who said the relationship didn’t disclose who the timeline and friends were, she said she was in a relationship with Abi, who was an adult and was 24 at the time of the eth relationship and the girl was only 17. As soon as relationship details emerged while seeing the deluge online, Abbie was mocked for having a physical relationship with the minor.Later, Abby also reacted.

Who is Lafrooney?

The whole story about the relationship came out, and Abi also decided to sue Lavlunee over the allegation. However, Abbie later said he had no relationship with a 17-year-old friend in Lavlunee. He became angry and frustrated when the news started to emerge on November 14, 2022, when Abbie was streaming online.In his Twitch life someone commented the same thing

And responded that he had never had a physical relationship with a minor. Instead, Abi added, he will meet Lavlunee in court and sue her for false accusations against him. He also added that he will sue her for this and will legally meet her in court. Abbie claimed that while he had been in a relationship with a girl Lavlunee knew, he had never had a relationship with a minor.

Lavlune’s allegations against Hasan explained

He further added that the girl he was having a relationship with was not a minor but 19 years old. He added that he would never have any kind of relationship with a minor and would also deny it. Abi added that the girl Lavlunee knew he was in a relationship with also claimed she was an adult, having turned 18, when in fact she was 19 when he had a relationship with her.

Lavluneee & Hasan Full Viral Video Link

He added that he was 24 and she was 19 at the time. Referring to Lavlunee, Abi added that the allegations were insane, and he went on to say she should have cross-checked and made it clear. This clarification came on the same day the influencer/streamer streamed and spoke details of the relationship without even knowing the whole story.

No update on Abi’s clarification from lavlunee’s side, but it’s safe to assume that Abi is ready to sue her over the charges that were wrongly imposed on him. The two of them have also not released anything about legal talks or clarification of their relationship until now. Maybe the woman who was involved with Abbie would be bought into the limelight to clear things up.

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