Who Was Erdinc Ertugrul & Cause Of Death? A Father Fell Nearly 70 Feet Video Viral On Social Media!

A video of a fatal accident on the Internet that has left everyone in awe, shows a man who appears to be trapped on a paraglider and then falls. The video gained a huge audience after it went viral online. The man, a paraglider instructor, fell from a height and video shows him falling from a parachute. Later, the police also conducted an investigation and confirmed that the slip was caused by the accident. There have been various similar incidents before, but none of them went online. Let’s take a closer look at the incident and also know who the man in the video is.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Erdinc Ertugrul Death Video

Erdinc Ertugrul Death Video

This video or clip was filmed on Mount Elmarik in Olenik, Balfa District, Samsun Province, Turkey. The event took place this Sunday, 13day November 2022. The video shows a man paragliding and the instructor can also be seen being pulled by the rope with the parachute. The instructor grabbed the rope, and the parachute was high above, getting higher and higher. The trainer was later seen losing control due to his weight, leaving the rope and falling into a tree at his feet. It can also be seen that the coach is trying to persevere.

What happened to Erdinc Ertugrul?

The video also shows the instructor falling from a height. The instructor was identified as Erdnic Ertugrul, 41, who was helping his client with paragliding. Police also investigated the case, which resulted in Erdnick falling to his death from a height of about 20 feet off the ground. Erdnick fell to the ground with a thud. Erdnick died on the post as he fell from a great height and was injured, and the video is also recorded of his fall from such a height. The video has gone viral on the internet, and it appears that the filmmakers are also trying to help Erdnic.

Erdinc Ertugrul Cause of Death

I saw Eldnick fell to the ground with a “bang”, and before that, his legs were still running in the bushes under his feet. Police have launched an investigation into the case, and there are reports that the instructor held a funeral near Kursagan this Sunday. Erdnic was also impressed by his wife and son. His son is now 12 years old. The incident left many shocked and heartbroken as they witnessed the fall of the man in the video, which also looked horrific. Earlier, many coaches in Brazil also died, but this video is the first to appear.

Before Erdnic, there had been a similar case in Brazil itself, where a coach fell from a height after a slide was cut by a kite. The coach left behind his daughter and his children. The incident, which occurred in June, is the first case, and Erdnic’s case is the first reported in the past few months following June. Authorities are working hard for the safety of the instructor as well as the safety of the paragliders.

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