Who Was Oliveira Rodrigues Dias? Man Falls From 40ft While Taking A Selfie On Rock Ledge At Brazilian Beauty Spot!

A Brazilian man has died after falling off a cliff when he was supposed to take a selfie and celebrate with friends. The man was also later identified by police and his friends, and his parents also gave statements in interviews. The one who died recently passed the interview and was hired. The parents were devastated and saddened to hear the news of the death. The man fell 40 feet and died at the scene. Let’s take a closer look at the event and learn about the man who passed away.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Death of Oliveira Rodriguez Dias

Oliveira Rodriguez Diaz’s cause of death

The deceased was identified as Igor de Oliveria Rodrigues Dias, who fell from a cliff on the beach.Rodriguez went to the beach on the 10thday In November 2022, he was hired and celebrated with friends. Rodriguez fell from a height of about 40 feet and died at the scene. Police and media reports said Rodriguez was about to take a selfie from the beautiful cliff when he slipped from there. Rodriguez tried to snap a photo of the beach from the cliff, but while taking the selfie he fell from the top of the cliff because he couldn’t be caught and hit the ground.

What happened to Oliveira Rodriguez Dias?

There were reports that Rodriguez fell on the rocks. Due to falling from a high place and falling on the top of the rock, he lost a lot of blood and broke a bone, and died on the spot after being injured. Rodriguez’s mother, Luisa Rodriguez, added that on the morning of his death, Rodriguez had signed a contract with a company he was about to join, and to celebrate he was out on the beach with friends Celebrate nearby. He celebrated with his friends at Joatinga Beach in Rio de Janeiro. His mother added that he was just there to celebrate with his friends.

Oliveira Rodriguez Dias: Wikipedia and Bio

Firefighters also rushed to the scene to help Rodriguez after he fell from a height, but he died soon after. Louisa added that it was devastating for her to witness her son get sick and he graduated a few days ago. Rodriguez, from the University of Rio de Janeiro, also has two post-graduate degrees. Rodriguez’s father Jonas Dias added that it was truly heartbreaking to witness his son’s death. Jonas also said he was shocked that Rodriguez died before him. Jonas said a son should bury his father first, and a father should never bury his son in front of him, he said, because his son had died before his eyes.

After Rodriguez’s death, the tourism industry and authorities also issued warning signs and asked people to be aware of falling off the cliff. Authorities also added that filming at such a height would be dangerous. Nearly 300 people across the country have died while taking selfies, reports said. While India remains at 100, other countries such as the US have reported 50-60 deaths in the rush. These fatalities even exceed the number of shark attack fatalities prior to the 2019/2018 figures.

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