22 LA County sheriff’s recruits hit by vehicle during run

A car struck 22 Los Angeles County sheriff’s recruits during a training session at dawn Wednesday, critically injuring five of them, authorities said.

A total of 23 people were injured, including the driver, Los Angeles County Fire Department spokeswoman Capt. Sheila Kelleher said.

In addition to the 5 people who were seriously injured, 4 people were moderately injured and 14 people were slightly injured. She said the driver was among those with minor injuries.

The accident happened around dawn Wednesday in the suburb of Whittier, where the department’s STAR Explorer Training Academy is located.

Television news helicopter broadcasts showed a large response from firefighters and ambulances, vehicles on the pavement and many people in uniform nearby.

A statement from the Sheriff’s Department said a squad of recruits was hit by a vehicle during training at around 6:26 a.m.

“We have no reason,” Kelleher said. “We don’t have any other information on how the driver lost control, so for now this is the basic information we can share with you.”

Associated Press

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