B.C. Liberal Party officially changing name to BC United

When British Columbians head to the next provincial election to vote, they will no longer see the BC Liberal Party on their ballots.

Instead, they’ll see an option for “BC United.” Party leader Kevin Falcon announced the official name change on Wednesday (November 16) after 80 percent of the party’s membership voted in favor in three days of online voting.

The party, the official opposition party in British Columbia, first announced its intention to change its name during a party convention in June. Then, 75% of the delegates voted for the change.

Party members then put forward 2,000 options in three months, and in late September the party announced “BC United” as its frontrunner.

Speaking Wednesday, Falcon said the change signals the party’s intention to bring together British Columbians who are “united by shared principles and values.”

“I wanted this party to be a big tent party,” he said.

The next provincial election is scheduled for fall 2024. Falcon said he wouldn’t be surprised if incoming premier David Eby called him ahead of time.

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