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Wanted man arrested after barking dog threatened neighbor

A 45-year-old Wallaceburg man wanted for failing to appear in court is now facing more charges after his neighbor’s barking dog apparently sparked an outbreak of violence.

Chatham-Kent police said they arrested the man after they received reports of a neighbor dispute at two apartments on Wallace Street in Fort Wallace just before 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police said their investigation revealed the man was upset at a neighbor’s dog barking on the balcony and allegedly “knocked on the balcony door” with a large wooden stick and yelled derogatory remarks while threatening to hurt Neighbor.

Fragments of the stick broke off and hit the dog, officials said, but there was no word on whether the dog was injured.

The man accused of threatening neighbors then allegedly entered the apartment hallway and began kicking neighbors’ doors while also yelling at them. The kicking also reportedly damaged the door.

The man was arrested after police arrived at the scene and learned he was wanted for failing to appear in court.

The defendant was arrested and charged with making threats and mischief and was taken back to police headquarters. He was later released with conditions and a future court date.


Man arrested for illegal visit

A 25-year-old Chatham Town man was in police custody for some time Tuesday after officers allegedly caught him visiting a woman he was supposed to stay away from.

Police said LaSalle police released the man on May 15, 2022, with several conditions, one of which required him to stay away from the home of a Chatham woman.

However, Chatham-Kent police received information that the man had been at the woman’s home on Tuesday, so they went to investigate and allegedly found him on her front porch.

He was arrested, charged with failing to comply with the conditions of his release, and later released to face future court.

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