Central Saanich passes motion that ‘requests and expects’ regional transit seat

Central Saanich Council has said it claims to represent the Saanich peninsula on a regional committee dealing with border crossings.

The Council voted unanimously (in the absence of Councilman Bob Thompson) to approve Councilor’s notice of motion. Zeb King said the community “demanded and wanted a seat on the Victorian Regional Transport Council representing the Peninsula community”. Mayor Ryan Windsor will take office.

The motion accuses the province of failing to appoint a mayor for more than a decade when it appointed Sydney mayor in 2011 (three years), North Saanich in 2014 (four years) and North Saanich again in 2018 (four years). Able to appoint Central Saanich mayor. year).

The motion notice then called on staff to contact all relevant provincial authorities and agencies, including the Crown Agency and the Board Resource Office (CABRO), to advance Central Saanich’s claim. Staff will also copy the respective mayors of Sydney and North Saanich, as well as local MLA Adam Olsen.

King later told Black Press Media that the last part of the motion informed Sidney and North Saanich in case the province offered them seats.

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