More floats being sought for local Santa Claus Parade

Organizers are looking for more floats for this year’s Santa Claus parade in Clinton.

Kinsman Bill Meyers said he has been organizing the march for the past 20 years or so with great help from Kinsmen and Kinettes and community members.

“We’ve had to do drive-in parades for the last few years and it’s because of COVID, so this is the first time we’ve gone back to a mobile parade, we’ve registered over 20 floats, and we’re looking to get around if we can 44 floats,” Meyers said.

Meyers said the march started at Clinton’s track.

“We get everyone in line there and let them go from there, but if they haven’t registered we usually make room for some stragglers and the line is no later than 6:30. The parade starts from seven pm, so we want them to arrive no later than 6:30,” Meyers explained.

The parade will start at 7pm on December 2nd. Anyone interested in more information can contact Bill Meyers at 519-440-8808 or email [email protected]

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