NASA’s ARTEMIS 1 Mission Launch Updates, NASA Launches New Moon Rocket Mission After Apol!

After a series of cancellations for Nasa Artemis finally launching on November 16, 2022, welcome back everyone, everyone at mission control is very happy with this launch, they have been preparing for months and finally, they launched the rock it up it’s a trip to the moon, it’s the first time nasa has returned earth’s natural satellite in over 50 years, and it’s a big moment for all of us because history will be made in 2024 when the first Women will be sent to the moon.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

NASA launches Crescent rocket mission after Apollo

NASA’s Artemis 1 launch live updates

With two astronauts, the moon is 450,000 kilometers away from us. This is a demonstration of the performance and testing of the Orion spacecraft, which will return to Earth with great speed. It’s a top priority; the heat shield will be heated to about 2,700 degrees Celsius during re-entry, and the SLS rocket is launched from the Kennedy Space Center. It happened on launch complex 39b, the photo was taken during the launch of the spacecraft and it looks beautiful at night.

NASA launches Crescent rocket mission after Apollo

With the moon visible in the sky, this is the next generation flagship mission of the national interest. The Orion spacecraft finally began to maneuver when it separated from the Maine spacecraft at around 2:15 a.m. according to Indian Standard Time. It will turn on the solar array and start the lunar injection and the correct timing. Decimation is working to create an environment for further lunar exploration that will increase the human presence on the Moon.

See the first space view from Artemis 1 Orion on the moon

NASA will try to build a moon base and fix Mars exploration with the help of this mission. It has spent millions of dollars on astronaut development and training. We hope it succeeds in discovering all possible scenarios. We will be able to send humans to the moon again. surface. The space chief executive of Elon Musk’s company has been awarded the contract to develop the lander for Mona, and they will assist both privately and commercially.

It’s a more powerful rocket than the Saturn V, and just 28 minutes into slide 2, the first stage shuts down its engines and the upper stage begins cryogenic preparations. You can watch the event live on NASA’s YouTube channel, and it was an amazing sight as thousands of enthusiasts watched it before their eyes. There were multiple delays due to bad weather conditions and a leaking proportional tank, but it was finally completed. We’ll be back with more information, so stay tuned to our site then.

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