Ontario education workers give strike notice… again

Ontario’s 55,000 educators may go on strike again next week.

The Canadian Union of Public Servants (CUPE), which represents early childhood educators, educational assistants, guardians and secretaries, has filed a five-day strike notice.

“Despite repeated attempts to reach a freely negotiated settlement, talks broke down again and the difficult decision was to issue a five-day strike notice to the Trustees Association and the Council of Government,” the union said in a statement.

The union went on to say it was committed to a deal that would not only provide workers with a living wage, but also ensure student services were “improved and protected.”

Educators had taken strike action earlier this month after talks with the province collapsed. The Ontario government enacted legislation using the nevertheless clause to impose contracts on workers and make their strikes illegal. That’s despite a two-day shutdown before the province agrees to repeal Bill 28 and return to the negotiating table with employees returning to classrooms.

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