PODCAST.: Author and columnist Jack Knox releases ‘Fortune Knox Once’

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Jack Knox has written a humor column for more than 25 years. He began his career as a newspaper reporter in Kamloops.

“The first story I remember doing was about a cow that wandered from a stockyard to the middle of the street on a hot August afternoon and died instantly,” he said. “There was an argument over who was going to deal with the cow. Was it the railroad, the yard, or the city? The cow was getting hotter and bloated, and they sent the rookie down. I took that story as Watergate !”

Knox, a two-time Stephen Leacock Award winner for humor, discusses his favorite columns, stories and news with host Peter McCully.

“I’m a particular believer in the value of local journalism, which I’ve always compared to a community pub where people of different perspectives, perspectives and backgrounds can come together over a beer and talk,” he said. “This is where we get to know each other.”

In his spare time, Knox plays in rock bands with members of his touring rock bike team.

“We’ve been together longer than the Beatles,” he said. “We were just a little bit better than them. We had a lot of fun. We played old guy rock. The band was called Big Font because that’s what we needed to read the music. I played a clumsy bass guitar. I was the biggest in the band. An incompetent musician, but I am also eye-catching.”

“Fortune Knox Once” hits the top of the BC bestseller list for the first time.

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