Shooting Reported At Sanford High School, No One Injured, Who Is The Active Shooter?

York, Maine police received an emergency call reporting an emergency at a high school and a shooting. The police panicked and rushed to the scene for help. The news came from Sanford High School, where the caller reportedly said others were injured and trapped in a small room. Police then arrived at the scene, saying it was a prank call, while they also clarified certain things about the call when the caller made the call and reported a shooting. Let’s take a closer look at the Sanford High School shooting and what really happened.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Shooting at Sanford High School

Shooting at Sanford High School

According to reports, the call was received at the Sanford Regional Communications Center at around 8:20 a.m. on Tuesday, November 2022. Police rushed to the scene immediately after receiving a call from the school that a shooting was taking place. The caller also said he or she was a teacher and they were in a bathroom with the door locked because of a shooting at the school. Police broke into the school looking for the shooter, but found nothing. During the call, the caller/teacher claimed that the shooter had also been injured, but no one was injured.

No one injured in Sanford High School shooting

The teacher who called the police also said that there was a shooter in the school wearing a black jacket and also had a gun, but no one looked like the shooter and had no gun. The person, as well as unknown persons or persons not known to the school, could not be traced according to police figures. As soon as the police arrived, they moved the students of the school to a non-dangerous place near the gymnasium. Afterwards, the police revealed that parents of children who had not attended school for an hour were asked to pick up their children from a nearby sports school.

Who is the suspect?

Police also added that the number used for the call, which cannot be traced, was also used to make the call and was not known to anyone. Gardner and the Portland school also received various calls, all providing similar details and saying there was a shooter, but not related to the shooter or anything related to the shooting. Police say the gunman is filing hoax calls with area police and the calls were simply fake. Police added that they had made similar reports to the surrounding area, as well as the school, and were working to find the motive behind the call and locate the caller.

In addition, rescue teams, firefighters and police forces have also gathered in Sanford Square. According to reports, the police are looking for the shooter. Memorial Coliseum was packed as parents gathered there to pick up their children. Parents described the situation as panic as they were called to pick up their children in an emergency. The Stanford school, the Sanford Technology Center and all classes will be canceled on Wednesday to continue the investigation, the report said.

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