Victoria’s Threshold Housing Society receives $3.1M gift

Thanks to a $3.1 million donation from Clint and Carole Forster, the Threshold Housing Society will be able to pay the mortgage on its Supported Recovery Program home on Niagara Street and ultimately complete the purchase of Threshold House on Granite Street.

“This is an investment in youth and community for generations to come,” said Colin Tessier, Threshold Housing Society executive director. “It’s an incredibly exciting day.”

An initial $1.6 million will go towards the Supportive Recovery Program Home, an eight-bed home that helps teens with substance abuse problems. This is the only youth rehabilitation program on Vancouver Island that uses a harm reduction approach.

“This is a safe home in our community where young people have the opportunity to heal and recover,” Tessier said. “The program is showing incredible results.”

The remaining $1.5 million supports Threshold House, which will ensure eight young people have a permanent home where they can grow their community and plan for the future. Threshold Housing has been leasing the building from Oak Bay United Church.

“In this environment, our young people often form very strong bonds and move towards success,” Tessier said.

This is the largest donation Threshold Housing has ever received.

“Providing help to those in need through volunteerism and financial giving has always been important in our family,” Clint said.

The Victorian Foundation and RBC Phillips Hager & North Investment Counsel facilitated the donation.

“It’s been a wonderful collaboration within the community,” said Saranelli, director of philanthropic services at the Victorian Foundation. “Young people in our community face a lot of issues.”

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