A Girl From Maharashtra Jumps Out Of Speeding Auto Video Viral On Social Media!

No idea how long people will continue to see women as objects of entertainment and harassment. Despite numerous campaigns and strict rule changes, nothing has changed. Women have been victims of harassment, sexual abuse, and physical or mental abuse, and it still happens today. Really don’t know when the harassment of women and girls will stop. The cases are not decreasing but increasing, most recently in Maharashtra where a girl jumped from a speeding car without thinking about her life.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

A girl from Maharashtra jumps out of a speeding car on video

A girl from Maharashtra jumps out of a speeding car

You must be wondering what happened when the girl had to flee the moving car. The reason is that she faced sexual harassment and jumped out of the car in order to get rid of this abuse. The 17-year-old girl from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, reportedly sustained serious head injuries after jumping from a speeding car. She returned home from cram school and decided to take a car, but jumped out after the car driver tried to harass her, the report said.

A girl from Maharashtra jumps out of a speeding car on video

The incident was captured on video and has now gone viral. The whole world is looking for justice for this girl and wants the rickshaw driver put in jail. The underage girl reportedly boarded the vehicle at 12 noon. Afterwards, the driver began to cover for her during the trip. At first, he started asking her simple questions about her life and sense of belonging, but when the driver made the sexual encounter, her mind reportedly went wild, she was terrified, and after she endured it, she decided to jump out of the car .

What happened to the girl from Maharashtra?

The moment was caught on CCTV as she jumped out of the car. As a result, the police were given an atomic license number, which helped them locate the criminal. The alleged driver of the car, now identified as Syed Akbar Hameed, is in police custody and questioning, reports said. The defendant made obscene remarks while the underage victim was sitting in her car, the report said. The incident happened on Sunday, November 13, 2022, after she finished her cram school.

According to POSCO ACT, the case has been referred to the Kranti Chowk Police Station in Aurangabad. Police are trying to find out from the driver of the car whether he was going to these things with other girls for the first time or before. Well, let’s see what the police will do, the victim is currently being taken to MGM Hospital after suffering serious head injuries.

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