Colin Plant re-elected as CRD board chair

The Capital Region Board of Trustees met for the first time since the municipal elections to elect a chair and vice-chair for next year.

Saanich Council Colin Plant was re-elected chairman of the board and vice-chairman of Sooke Mayor Maja Tait at Wednesday’s (16 November) meeting, which also includes the ACT Hospital District and ACT Housing Corporation boards.

“With all the new faces on the board table and a new commitment to working together, CRD has a real opportunity to make a difference in its strategic priorities during this term,” Plante said in a news release. Heard, they really want to work together in a newer, strategic way to explore regional transportation and work with the province to achieve the best results regionally. I look forward to working with our new CAO and all CRD staff Collaborate to continue delivering the services people have come to expect from CRD and improve the quality of life in the region by listening, planning and responding to urgent issues.”

The Chairman leads the 24-member Board of Directors, which includes the Mayor and Councilors from Greater Victoria, as well as directly elected directors representing the Salt Spring Island, South Gulf Islands and Juan de Fuca constituencies.

Oak Bay Mayor Kevin Murdoch was elected Chair of the CRHD Board and Sydney Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith was elected Acting Chair of the CRHD Board. Saanich Council Zac de Vries was elected Chairman of the CRHC Board of Directors and Tait was elected Vice-Chairman of the CRHC Board of Directors.

The new board will now work with a consulting firm to identify CRD’s priorities for the next four years and develop a corporate plan for how they will be achieved.

In accordance with provincial legislation, representation on the CRD Board balances diverse population bases with shared community interests. Each local government gets one director for every 25,000 residents and one vote for every 5,000 residents to resolve matters such as financial planning that require weighted votes. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected each November.

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Greater Victoria, Capital Territory

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