Early-morning wildfire broke out on Limbert Mountain near Agassiz

A fire broke out in Limbert Hills off Highway 7 in Agassiz. (Facebook/Corrina Lanyon)

Early morning wildfire erupts on Mount Limbert near Agassiz

As of 4.30am, fire crews were on scene watching for sparks and a possible burn

The Nov. 17 fire on Limbert Mountain, off Highway 7 in Agassiz, was visible for miles in the predawn darkness.

By 4:30 a.m., Agassiz fire crews were on scene to check for sparks burning amid the strong winds, among other tasks.

The cause is unclear, but a photo of the fire on the hillside taken at 5.30am was posted on the Fraser Valley Road Report Facebook page in case it disrupted traffic.

A poster who drove by the scene on Highway 7 said the fire had not affected traffic.

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Agassiz Wildfire

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