Girl Beat To Death In Cabo Fight Video Went Viral, Later Identify As Shanquella Robinson, 25, American Woman!

Shanquella Robinson, a woman from the United States, died mysteriously in Mexico after traveling with friends. The woman was reportedly on holiday when news of her death came a day later.Robinson, away from family, talks to mother about day before she died, follow us gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Cabo battle video

Cabo battle video

For many people, death is a mystery. A report followed, and the main cause of death was subsequently revealed. Robinson died mysteriously with no signs of injury. Let’s take a closer look at the case and also know about one of the videos where she was beaten. Robinson was a 25-year-old woman who died in Mexico while traveling with friends.

She was from America and her death was a mystery. Her family was informed of Robinson’s death when she was completely dead and found dead in her living room. There are many mysteries behind her death. Robinson, who was on holiday, spoke to her mother the day before her death. Newt Robinson. Sanquella Robinson’s mother added that she was told

Cabo Girls Fighting Video

Not long after, her daughter died. Salamander added that she believed the statement made by her daughter’s friend was incorrect and she filed the lawsuit. Salam Deno and Bernard, Robinson’s parents, were not happy with what the friends who were with her said. According to one of the reports, Robinson died of alcohol poisoning, but that was not the case.As Robinson’s parents reported to the FBI

and file a complaint. In the post-mortem report, Robinson suffered damage to the first vertebra of her spinal cord, which may have killed her. Robinson’s death happened around 3 p.m. and paramedics arrived about 15 minutes later. Despite providing CPR, Robinson died at the scene.

Girl beaten to death in Mexican hotel

Now, a video of Robinson fighting with a woman has gone viral on the internet, as has a topless video of her fighting with a woman who allegedly beat her up on Twitter. The woman in the video overpowers Robinson and beats her severely. Those who watched the fights also recorded them and posted them online.The video shows that people who are recording

The video is of her friends cheering on the woman who beat Robinson, who demanded that Robinson fight back. One of their Robinson male friends even called Robinson to fight back. Salamander added that she did not trust her daughter’s friends and that she would remain calm after finding out the full truth about her daughter’s death.Robinson celebrates her 25th birthdayday birthday with her friends

And she was in the villa when she died. The report mentions Robinson’s death, which is equally puzzling. Robinson’s father added that they want justice for their daughter. They also complained that Robinson’s body was bought back to his hometown after going through many processes and costing nearly $6,000. They also revealed that other friends of Robinson’s were on their way home, but their daughter never came back alive.

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