Huron county council touts broadband internet expansion

The Huron County Chief Administrative Officer said the previous county council can be proud of the work done to expand broadband internet coverage.

Meighan Wark says each The new council sets priorities based on the needs of the community, and four years ago the council identified a number of projects it wanted to focus on, including broadband internet access. According to Walker, The committee worked with local telecommunications company Western Wardens Caucus and received financial contributions from the federal and provincial governments.

“We see an increase in fiber optic internet in Huron County, from 15 percent underserved to only 3 percent underserved in Huron County by the end of 2023,” Walker said.

Walker said the council had reason to be proud.

“This is a huge achievement, the culmination of many years in the making, and of course it has certainly been successful through the vision and commitment of this committee and partner institutions,” she said.

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