Lawyer for dead inmate: EMDC needs to be ‘shut the bleep down. Now’

Another inmate died at the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center (EMDC).

Police in London confirmed officers were called to Exeter Road Prison after a prisoner was found unresponsive on Wednesday morning.

“The man was pronounced dead and a coroner’s inquiry was launched, assisted by the Metropolitan Police’s Major Crime Unit,” police said. They determined that a man identified as Jamie Briggs died of natural causes. However, his lawyer said otherwise.

“The prison is well aware that Mr Briggs is in medical distress and his condition is deteriorating. He was not taken to hospital for urgently needed medical treatment,” Alison Craig tweeted Thursday morning. It was unconscionable that he was left to die in a cell without medical attention. She claims he suffered head injuries.

Briggs died on Wednesday. Shortly after, Craig tweeted: “Elgin Middlesex Detention Center needs to turn off the alarm. NOW.”

“How many people have to die in prison before something is done?” she added.

Briggs is the 21st inmate to die at EMDC since 2009.

The investigation into the death of a prisoner will resume next week.

Seven deaths have been investigated at the facility, which has been heavily criticized for being overcrowded and understaffed.

“This is an institution built in 1975. The infrastructure is aging. The line of sight from where the guards sit to the break room is non-existent. From their desks, they cannot see the movement of the prisoners,” in the civil case said Kevin Egan, an attorney representing several former EMDC inmates. “When they increased the number of people, no changes were made to the plumbing, ventilation and other infrastructure.”

“The facility was originally built for 150 people, now they say the capacity is 450 people,” Egan added.

A request for comment to the Justice Department’s deputy attorney general has not yet been returned.

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