Local school boards prepare for possible strike

Students in Ontario, including those in Lambton-Kent, may be forced to leave classrooms Monday.

CUPE issued a five-day strike notice on Wednesday, affecting 55,000 educators across the province.

St. Clair Catholic District School Board director Scott Johnson still wants a deal. If not, they will switch to asynchronous learning on Monday and fully remote learning over the next few days.

He said some parents had parent-teacher interviews on Thursdays to encourage them to remove their children’s belongings at that time because Friday is PA Day.

“Learning is obviously an important thing, but it’s also the relationships students have with caring adults and classmates,” Johnson said. “After three years of really limiting those relationships, we think it’s important for our students Speaking can be just as important because they are able to see students and their teachers every day, ask questions, talk to each other.”

Johnson said school staff will remain on hand to help students who are struggling with mental health.

“Students who require special education support will continue to receive support from the school through a collaborative approach with classroom teachers, resource teachers, board special education teams and their families.”

A copy of the letter to parents can be found here:

Meanwhile, parents of students at Lambton Kent District School Board have been told to visit Board’s website Get the latest information.

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