Meeting schedule and times set in special city council meeting

On Wednesday, the Sarnia City Council dealt with some housekeeping matters during a special hour-long meeting.

The new group met for the first time on Tuesday to approve a meeting schedule for next year, which featured a four-week gap between regular meetings.

Councilor Anne Marie Gillies supported the idea but called for changes.

“I would be in favor of four weeks [schedule]However, I would like to see the council get their [agenda] Packaging was much earlier than it is now,” Gillis said.

Councilor Brian White said he was willing to try the new timetable for a year.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that over the years we’ve asked our employees to do more with less, and that’s certainly one way we can streamline the process for our employees,” White said.

The Council currently has a meeting schedule with approximately three weeks between regular meetings.

Councilman Terry Burrell voted against extending the time between meetings.

“If anything, I think we should be meeting more often, not less,” Burrell said. “Business is going on in the city, and if you’re on a monthly schedule … what happens if for some reason something has to be postponed? A full month later, it’s resolved.”

From January 2023, the council has revised its advice to include a directive to issue the agenda two weeks before the meeting and a directive to finalize the delegation list one week before the meeting.

The group has decided that the meeting for the first year of the term will begin at 1 p.m.

The council directed staff to conduct a review of the procedural charter with the help of local people’s committees.

request for proposal [Request for Proposals] To be issued for ICAC services, including a draft code of conduct for members of the Advisory Committee. The agreement with current Integrity Commissioner Paul Watson expires on March 31, 2023.

Staff were also directed to continue recruiting for boards and committees.

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