Open meeting being held for Bayfield residents regarding plan for village’s future

Huron County Planning Manager Denise Van Amersfoort invited Bayfield and area residents to a public meeting to discuss the secondary plan currently being developed for Bayfield Village.

Van Amersfoort explained that the secondary plan looks at how they will manage the changes in the village,

“Whether it’s residential or commercial. We want to think about protecting the natural areas within the village. The secondary plan sets out more specific direction for Bayfield. It identifies some new park spaces, some active transport corridors and defines Other priorities,” explains Van Amersfoort.

This could include updates to the heritage conservation area plan, crosswalks in villages through Highway 21. So she says it’s a real opportunity to see what’s working well in the village and what can be changed.

A public meeting will be held on Friday, November 18 at 10am, Van Amersfoort said.until 6pm at the Bayfield Public Library

“It’s an opportunity for people to come in and have more informal discussions with staff. We will then have a formal public meeting upstairs in Bayfield Arena on Saturday, November 26 at 9.30am, which will be the work official speeches by the people,” adds Van Amersfoort.

Van Amersfoort said the presentation will be followed by opportunities for questions and discussion.

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