Parts of a Hallmark Christmas series being filmed in downtown Duncan

In downtown Duncan this week, Christmas is upon us, albeit a little early this year.

The town square and surrounding areas have been completely decorated for the festive season, serving as the backdrop for a new Hallmark collection called Foolishly.

Russ Hamilton, location manager for Holidazed Productions Inc., which is producing the film for Hallmark, said the series was supposed to be shot entirely in Victoria and Oak Bay, but decided to shoot part of it in downtown Duncan because it was the perfect backdrop for part of the production, Because it’s a great little town and the people are so welcoming.

“City center Duncan has a small-town vibe and energy that’s hard to find anywhere in Victoria,” Hamilton said.

“The site is also more manageable than in Victoria, with less disruption on the streets of Duncan city centre.”

Set in Oak Bay, Oregon, the show follows five families who share their lives on the same cul-de-sac as they share their lives during the hectic Christmas season.

The scenes filmed in Duncan feature the families visiting the Christmas Night Market individually.

“The production will be in eight episodes, with the first episode exploring all the families, followed by episodes that focus on each family, all coming together in one final episode,” Hamilton said.

“This is the first time Hallmark has produced something like this in British Columbia Foolishly Won’t be done in time for this Christmas, but will be available on Peacock and streaming services in Christmas 2023. “

This may be the first time a series has been filmed here, but it’s not the first time a Hallmark film has been filmed at Cowichan.

2021, some baker’s son Filmed at Chemainus, Cowichan Bay, Brentwood Bay and Oak Bay.filmed in FoolishlyAfter crews spent several days decorating and prepping the area, it kicked off in Duncan on Tuesday and spent most of the rest of the week at Town Plaza and the 200 block of Craig Street.

Dozens of locals were used as background actors in the film, and businesses in the area were heavily involved in the production, Hamilton said.

“It’s very inclusive and we’re excited to get as many local people and businesses involved in the production as possible,” he said.

“We’re also handing out Downtown Duncan Dollars[gift certificates from the Downtown Duncan BIA that can be used at most stores in the area]to anyone who’s had production disruptions to bring back downtown to shop.”

Hamilton assured the public that since filming took place at night, downtown businesses will remain open during filming, but some vehicular and pedestrian traffic is expected to be hampered at certain times.

He said the Duncan Farmers Market will be operating as usual in the area on Saturday.

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