Snow squalls leave roads snowy and slippery

Windy weather slows traffic in western Ontario

radar Huron and Perth counties and around the Mildmay and Teeswater areas saw significant snow activity.

Bruce Country Roads crews said the roads in their patrol area were mostly covered in snow this morning, but visibility was good.

in Huron County, Ministry of Communications Says its highway is partially to mostly covered in snow, with reduced visibility at times. You can expect the trails to be especially snowy and slippery.

The situation is much the same in Perth County.

Gray County was spared the worst snowfall with lake effect. Visibility is good there and the roads are mostly bare and wet.

A blizzard warning was issued for Huron and southern Perth counties, and a winter weather travel advisory was issued for northern Perth county.

The high winds are expected to taper off today before re-developing overnight and continuing into the weekend. There are currently no road closures.

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