Trade up to a free Pixel 7 Pro in this tantalizing Black Friday deal –

Black Friday isn’t technically until next week, but there’s already some great deals black friday deals floating. Starting today, Google is offering a ton of great deals on its own products.That includes what might end up being one of the best deals of the year: the all-new Google Pixel 7 Proone of the company’s current flagship phones our absolute favorite Right now, it’s a full $150 off the $750 sale price—or free with a qualifying deal.

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With an MSRP of $900 relative to the competition, the Pixel 7 Pro is well priced. At just $750, it’s a steal. Google’s trade-in values ​​are fair too, and if you happen to own a tired iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 Ultra, you should be able to trade in a Pixel 7 Pro for free — assuming your trade-in phone is in good shape, anyway.

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Google Pixel 7 Pro

Limited Time Offer

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro revamped the Pixel experience after initial issues with the 6 Pro last year, improving stability and taking camera prowess to new levels with image fusion and 4K60fps video on all cameras. 30W fast charging and Pixel’s addictive features like automatic call screening and Pixel recorder help make the Pixel 7 Pro an attractive phone, even with iterative updates.

While most of us don’t own these ultra-high-end phones, the trade-in value of older phones plus a $150 discount brings the Pro down to a small sum. Here are estimated trade-in ranges for the more popular phone series you’re more likely to trade in:

  • Google Pixel 6 series: $479-600
  • Google Pixel 5 and 5a: $350-400
  • Google Pixel 4 series (including 4a): $295-325
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series: $590-900
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 series: $489-550
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series: $400-500
  • Apple iPhone 13 series: $500-900
  • Apple iPhone 12 series: $459-650
  • Apple iPhone 11 series: $484-600

Note that if the trade-in value combined with the $150 instant savings exceeds the price of your phone, you won’t get the extra money. So if your phone’s trade-in value exceeds $750, get the 256GB or 512GB model to take advantage of the trade-in value. Best Buy also offers trade-in promotions, but unlike the Google Store, it simply doesn’t allow you to trade in a device that’s worth more than your phone’s value, so Best Buy may decline your trade-in if your phone is new enough – online, Because it also does not issue refunds for the difference.

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The Pixel 7 Pro has all the usual high-end trimmings, including blazing-fast performance thanks to its Tensor G2 chipset, a lovely 120Hz 1440p display (with less pronounced edge curves now, thankfully), and of course, Google’s signature camera performance The 7 Pro sees some meaningful improvements in this department over last year’s already impressive Pixel 6 Pro, including a 5x telephoto lens compared to 4x on the 6 Pro, and a new and improved ultra-wide-angle camera setup that finally Appropriate macro photos can be taken.

If you haven’t used a Pixel yet, you’re in for a treat. Google has packed all kinds of unique tricks into its phones, including incredibly handy features like Call Screen, which lets the Google Assistant screen make a call for you while simultaneously reading out what the caller is saying in real time, surprisingly fast ( And accurate) machine learning enhanced voice input.

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