Which K-pop Idols Are Taking the College Scholastic Ability Test and Which Are Not?

In a short period of time, the Korean entertainment industry has occupied a huge space in everyone’s hearts, whether it is web dramas, music, fashion, movies or everything related to it. Fans of Korean culture are not only in Korea, but all over the world. Lately, K-Pop ideals have been in the news again as they are about to take a college test and the students are overjoyed by the news and want to know more. For those who don’t know about this day, let them know the day many K-pop idols take CSAT in Korea. People who are now wondering who is taking the CSAT 2023 need to pay attention to this article.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

K-Pop Idols Are Taking College Aptitude Tests

K-Pop Idols Are Taking College Aptitude Tests

Those who don’t know the CSAT will definitely want to learn about it. This is the national graduation test for high school students. This test is very important for students who are seeking college admissions. The “ultimate” test is administered to all high school students in South Korea, and after the test is administered, the CSAT will determine which university a student can enter based on the score the student earns on this test. This test is indispensable for students, and they must do their best to be admitted to prestigious universities.

Which K-pop Idols Are Taking College Aptitude Tests

The CSAT is indeed a big day for K-Pop stars, and this year students can look forward to many big stars preparing to take the test for high school students. In 2023, many of the popular K-Pop stars will be taking the exams mentioned below-

Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Young Eun-Kep1er
Baekseung, A-Min-EPEX
Kim Yeonkyu, Won Bin and Jeong Seunghwan – ATBO
Li Zhenyu-GHOST9
Harry Jean – DKB
Lee Jae Hee – Weekly
Harry Jean – DKB

Which one did not pass the 2023 college academic examination?

In the past few weeks, many K-pop agencies have revealed the list of stars who will not participate in CSAT 2023.scroll down to learn about

TREASUREPark Jung-woo
The positive element of ENHYPEN
Victory for MCND
Jang Won Young and Liz from IVE
Lucy and Minseo from Woo!ah!
New Jeans Minki
Juhyeon and Yujeong from LIGHTSUM
Jinni, Sullyoon and Bae from NMIXX
Yoon and J from STAYC

Starship Entertainment, a subsidiary of IVE, stated: “Related to the college entrance examination, Liz and Zhang Yuanying have officially decided not to take the CSAT 2023 exam. If you want to know more, please contact us.”

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