Who Is Lance Naik Manju? Meet Indian Army’s First Woman Soldier Skydiver!

On the one hand, women are suffering, and on the other hand, many other women are bringing honor to the country. This incident proves that those who think women are useless, or just objects of their desires, are completely wrong. Women can do anything if we give them the chance. Within two months, another Indian woman made history after claiming the title of first female skydiver. This is a great achievement for any woman, she serves as a role model for other women and an inspiration to the lady or girl who thinks there is nothing she can do in life.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Lance Naik Manju becomes Indian Army's first female parachutist

Who is Lance Naik Manju?

The name of the first female skydiver is Lance Naik Manju and she is now the first female soldier skydiver of the Indian Army. She won the title after jumping from 10,000 feet on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. It’s not easy to jump off, it’s really a big achievement and the most daring thing to do. Lance makes us proud, sets an example for women who are afraid to do bold things, and is a nice, crisp answer to men in a patriarchal society who think women’s places belong only to the kitchen.

Lance Naik Manju becomes Indian Army’s first female parachutist

Lance became popular on the Internet, and people wanted to know more about her and her achievements. She jumped from an Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv helicopter for a record-setting skydive. “This bold and inspiring move will set a good example for other ladies in the army,” said the Eastern Command of the Indian Army. Since people heard about the achievement, they wanted to know more about her . Her name has gone viral on social media and people are talking about her all the time.

Lance Naik Manju: Wikipedia and Bio

Lancy Naik Manju reportedly belonged to the gendarmerie. For this achievement or heroic jump, she was trained by the Indian Army’s Adventure Wing Parachute Training Team. “When a bird learns to trust its wings, it conquers the sky,” Lance Naik Manu said after skydiving. The nation was proud of her and talked about her great achievement. Making history is not easy, but your hard work and determination have made you a great and desirable achiever.

A few young ladies are making history and making the Indian Army proud of the country. Previously, Captain Abhilasha Barak topped the list of most powerful ladies in India. They’re all trending, and their names are easy to read online. Those who want to know the details of their personal lives need to wait.

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