World’s largest cruise port operator signs on to elevate Prince Rupert as a destination

The Northland Cruise Terminal will be under new management from 2023 following a new ten-year agreement between the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) and Global Ports Holding Plc. (GPH) has entered, PRPA announced on 14 November.

Global Ports Holding is the world’s largest independent cruise port operator, currently managing 26 ports in 14 countries.

The Terminal Operating Agreement (TOA) will cover terminal function management, including overseeing the local comprehensive passenger shore excursion program, managing cruise schedules and relationships with cruise lines calling in the city, while attracting additional lines for future expansion and securing cruise passengers The service meets the highest quality standards.

PRPA expects this commitment to advance the development of Prince Rupert as a premier cruise destination in Western Canada’s evolution into the Alaska cruise market.

“GPH has the expertise to enhance cruise tourism in the region to meet Prince Rupert’s vision of developing a thriving cruise industry into a world-class destination with significant economic benefits for the local community and surrounding region,” Shaun Stevenson, President and Chief Administrative Officer PRPA, said.

Since 2004, more than 696,000 cruise ship passengers have contributed $53.5 million in direct economic impact to local communities and economies, with the largest number of passengers visiting Prince Rupert in 2006 at more than 100,000.

In 2022, the North Shore city will welcome 40,998 cruise ship visitors who will leave a positive $3.5 million imprint on local businesses and the economy.

Stevenson said the decade-long agreement signals a wealth of opportunity in the Al Sakan cruise market and will bring future growth to the coastal city.

“Prince Rupert’s value proposition to cruise travelers is strong — a natural port of call for an Alaska itinerary, a rich and diverse cultural history, and the spectacular North Coast scenery as a backdrop,” he said.

“With a global network of award-winning ports and terminals, GPH has a proven track record in destination development and cruise port operations. Prince Rupert is the first North American port in the company’s portfolio and the company’s first foray into Alaska market,” PRPA said in a release.

Mike Maura Jr, GPH regional director for the Americas, said Prince Rupert has a realistic path to see weekly cruise ship calls and as many as 250,000 annual passengers.

“With its strategic location in Alaska Cruise Theatre, rich Ts’msyen culture and history, and breathtaking scenery, Prince Rupert has tremendous potential to meet the growing needs of the cruise industry and accommodate the growing number and scale cruise ships,” he said.

PRPA outlines GPH’s unique position to transfer its best practices to future Prince Rupert operations.

This will focus on operational excellence and outstanding shore excursion development.

“Building on the company’s strong global reputation for cruise destination development, it will bring extensive experience in business-to-business travel marketing and the ability to leverage its existing extensive network of cruise industry relationships, making it an ideal strategic partner for Britannia Cruise tourism growth in northern Columbia,” the port statement read.

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MBIA, Canada – The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) announced today that it is entering into a Terminal Operating Agreement (TOA) with Global Ports Holding Plc (or GPH) to operate the Northland Cruise Terminal, as well as manage the shore excursion program and oversee Rupert All cruise dispatch and passenger services in Princes. Following the success of the 2022 cruise season following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the agreement will further position Prince Rupert as the premier cruise destination theater for growth in cruise tourism on Canada’s West Coast and Alaska.

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