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Another Twitter trend is #RIPTwitter going viral on the platform as thousands of people have quit the social media platform. Users have been dissatisfied with the way Twitter works since Elon Musk took over. As we have many trends on Twitter protesting the changes made on the platform.

Read on to learn more about Twitter’s new #RIPTwitter trend after thousands quit the platform.

Twitter gets a new trend with #RIPTwitter

Ever since we got word that Elon Musk is going to be the new owner of Twitter. Users expect a lot of change from social media platforms, and that’s good for it. This of course happened when Musk eventually became the owner of Twitter.

However, users didn’t seem to like how Musk proposed his series of changes for the platform. As we’ve seen recently on Twitter hashtag trends show how many users are opposed to changes being made on the social media platform. #RIPTwitter is a trend on Twitter that started after thousands of Twitter employees resigned from the platform.

Why Are Users Upset With Twitter After Musk Takes Over?

Twitter has billions of users on the platform. Although even before Twitter was offered to Musk, users had some issues with the platform. Things seemed to get worse after Musk came on board as its owner.

The reason why users stop liking social media platforms is because they are unhappy with the changes in the platforms. Whether it’s Twitter’s $8-a-month paid verification program or Musk’s decision to fire the platform’s employees, it’s unacceptable to users.

In fact, until November 17th, after giving an ultimatum to accept Twitter 2.0. Current Twitter employees will decide whether to embrace the changes or leave altogether. As a result, nearly 75% of current employees have denied the changes, and thousands more have resigned.

User reactions to the #RIPTwitter trend

And the tug-of-war between Twitter users and Musk continues. We have seen that many users have now left the platform. While some continue to use the platform, protest the changes made to it.

“Goodbye Twitter, best of luck,” wrote one Twitter user. “Ugh, end of an era,” said another. Although a few memes about this condition have also spread on the Internet.


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